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Wayne W. Whited's Biography

  • Born November 11, 1972 in Celina, Ohio
  • Family includes two sisters, Terri (who stars as Magdalene Klem in the film "Johnny", and Shari, two nieces Jill and Angela, and one nephew (who plays Johnny's brother Louis Klem in "Johnny")
  • Studied to become a Commercial Artist, however is now a certified Firefighter and EMT for the state of Ohio
  • Was involved in the production of the films "Gettysburg" and "Gods and Generals" (Warner Bros. 1993,2003)
  • Joined with R. David Burns to form Historical Productions, Inc. in 1996
  • Hobbies include military history, travel, biking, graphic arts, and collecting autographs
  • Has been an avid history buff since his high school years. Began Civil War reenacting since 1990 when he joined the 4th Michigan Volunteers from the Jackson/Ann Arbor area. Formed the 94th Ohio Volunteers in 1994 and served as both Captain and Lieutenant. Began expanding out in 1999 with World War One reenacting as the 42nd Division (Rainbow Brigade) and in 2000 with World War Two in the same group.