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R. David Burns Biography


  • Full name- Robert David Burns
  • Age - 33
  • Was born in Cincinnati, Ohio.
  • Hobbies - Civil War re-enacting, writing, sports of all kinds, films, and anything historical.
  • This is David's first time directing. He has been involved in the production of the films "Gettysburg" (Warner Bros. 1993) and "Andersonville" (Turner Films 1996). Has been a Civil War re-enactor since 1990.
  • Co-owner of Historical Productions.
  • David comes from a family of one brother and two sisters. Between his siblings he has nine nieces and nephews. He just recently added a great nephew as well.
  • David is an avid history buff, has been since he was ten. He travels to Virginia quite often just to visit the rich heritage the state has to offer. Historical heroes include: Abraham Lincoln, George Washington, Robert E. Lee, Oliver Hazard Perry and Uylsses S. Grant.
  • David is a descendant of Commodore Oliver Hazard Perry.